Project Management

Productivity is the key to a successful life

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” Stephen Covey


There are various meanings of what productivity is. Dictionary-wise, it relates it to the production of goods, but in this article, I am going to talk about the other meaning of it which is the act of doing something that can result to something more better as a human being in becoming a successful one in life.

A successful life is a life that most people in the world want to achieve based from a motivational keynote speaker perspective. However, achieving it is not an easy thing to do because there are a lot of struggles and challenges before it can be achieved. One solution on how to easily achieve a successful life is to be productive in many ways. Below are the 3 key ideas on how to achieve it. 

3 key ideas to be productive are:

  1.       SET A GOAL

Setting a goal is the most important ideas and should be implemented because without it a person might take a hard time on how to achieve a successful life. The objective of having a goal is to have a certain mindset about it and must be done in order to have success out of it. However be realistic about it, do not set goals that cannot be possibly done because you might get trapped of it, just set a measurable goal. One more thing, set a deadline on when a goal must be achieved so that you will have a track and can observe the progress of the goal if the goal is a way to bigger cut it to half so that you will not get burden or overwhelmed about the goals.


A properly managed time can be also a top key idea on how to be productive because a person who properly managed time can do a lot of works done. Think ahead of time on what to do in the next morning – plan ahead. Thus a wasted time can be also avoided if time management is properly executed. Many successful people managed their time properly and they executed it properly as well with the help of proper habit of doing it.

  1.       DO NOT BE LAZY

Being lazy is the best-known productivity killer because a person cannot be productive enough if that person is lazy to do something. A person cannot gain anything out of being a lazy one.

Hence in today’s world in which the technology is advancing rapidly, people nowadays are easily distracted like using smartphones to connect to social media in the internet. However, lesser they know that abusive use of technological gadgets is harmful to a lot of aspects in life especially if that person is now addicted to using it and becomes lazy enough to do something.


Thus, productivity deals about being active to deal and to work towards achieving the goal having a properly executed time management – a better chance of becoming a successful human being.