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SEO Basics for Small Business Owners

SEO is making sure that your website will rank in Google once somebody searches for a similar product or service. If they see your link on the results from Google, they will most likely click on your page. However, ranking your website is not as easy as it seems. When you thought you have mastered SEO, Google will change its algorithm and you will be left to figure things out in the dark.

If you have a limited budget for your online marketing, then you must know the basics.

Pop-up penalties

You most probably experienced seeing a pop up when opening a website. Pop-up ads used to be the main domain for scammy ads of “YOU WON $1 MILLION!!!”

Google have easily caught up and laid strict guidelines for pop-up ads. There are three types of mobile pop-ups that Google will surely penalize.

  • Pop-ups that cover the main content of the homepage.
  • Pop-ups that the user has to dismiss first before they can get access to the main content.
  • A layout of the webpage with a seemingly pop-up ad that people have to scroll past to access the main content.

Simply, pop-ups on mobile websites that gives negative user experience will be penalized.


Google wants every website to use HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. This means that any personal information that the user may input in the page will be protected from hackers. If you do not use HTTPS, Google will send a warning to the user saying that your website is not secured. This will increase your bounce rate as many will think that your page will jeopardize their personal info.

Mobile-first index

Google just decided that mobile website versions are more important than the desktop version. This is after the studies that most people do mobiles searches than the desktop search. Google will index the mobile version first. If you do not have a mobile version, then Google will index the desktop version.