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The Brief History of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the reasons on why people who are looking in the internet can search easily based on the ranking. Most of the times, websites that can be found in the higher rankings are suitably recommended by the system and trusted by them.


The History of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be hard way to know, because even the internet do not know on how it started and who really started it, because Search Engine Optimization is a result of an upgrading system, from a simple development of the search engine to more complicated search engine. In fact, search engines and the internet does not really comes up in the modern form. The first coined term of “Internet” didn’t exist until the 1974. As the internet evolved in the cyber world together with its internal roots. Developers are inspired to create a more organized roots for the search engine information.

While, the first search engine term arrived in the year 1990 as a school project in the McGill University to collect information and organized it, thus Archie emerged in which Mr. Bill Slawski president and founder of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by the Sea, said that the Archie is the “best way to find information from the other servers around the internet at that time”, well based on what Mr. Slawski, Archie is a very helpful tool in looking information from other servers at that time, but in the modern times a lot of other system has already arrived in the scene. As cyber internet evolves as well as the search engine optimization, many researcher predicted that SEO first emerged in the year 1990 but many believe that it first emerged before 1990s.

Hence, the first pioneer of search engine optimization are more of a “money thinkers”. Just like in the year 1994 when Mr. Greg Boser, discovered the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and make it as a business online platform to introduce his product in the online business world, his product is a protective foam equipment that helps fight fires. Later, in 1996 another platform was created by Christine Churchill the internet marketing after she discovering it, she later found out that it needs and extensive labor power and high maintenance to ensure the gaining out of it. Her friends and her husband created a software tools that reduces the hassle out of it, by creating software tools and sell it.

The history of SEO, can be hard to trace back in the past, but no matter how hard it can be traced, one thing that really matters is the importance of it in the future.

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